N.B. beachgoers pleased with lack of jellyfish

Swimmers say the sting of jellyfish seems to be missing along New Brunswick's coastline this summer.
Few jellyfish are being seen in waters off Parlee Beach, beachgoers say. (CBC)

Swimmers say the sting of jellyfish seems to be missing along New Brunswick's coastline this summer.

It appears there aren't as many as usual swimming in the province's waters.

Gerhard Pohle, who's with the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews, says it's not that the jellyfish haven't shown up, it's that they've already come and gone.

"It looks like we may have some jellyfish maybe earlier in the year, so that people who hit the water at this time will be somewhat surprised at the lack of them."

Andrea Kilfoil recently attended Parlee Beach with her kids.

"Now they're having a great time, they've been swimming three of four times already," Kilfoil said.

She says it's a relief the jellyfish aren't around because her kids are much more comfortable in the water.

Michel Gauthier lives a few kilometres away and swims nearly every day at Parlee Beach.

He hasn't seen many jellyfish at all this summer.

"Not this year, but last year – beginning of June, July, August – full of jellyfish, but not this year," he said.

Warm spring temperatures could have initiated an early season, or an unusual weather system could have blown the jellyfish to shore earlier than usual, Pohle said.