Mystery surrounds identity of baby found in snowbank near Moncton

Caledonia RCMP are having trouble identifying the body of an infant boy who was found Saturday in a snowbank in the Moncton area.

The Caledonia RCMP are having trouble identifying the body of an infant boy who was found Saturday in a snowbank in the Moncton area.

The baby was discovered early Saturday evening by four people who were riding all-terrain vehicles on Taylor Road near Mount Eagle, RCMP Cpl. Marie Beaudry said.

Police said the body may have been left in the snowbank as early as November 2008.

Beaudry said tests are still being carried out to determine the cause of the baby's death.

"Right now our priority is to identify the baby, there's family members, there's a mother that's out there," Beaudry said.

"Just so that we can identify the baby and have a proper burial for this baby."

So far there are no suspects, police said. But officers are asking the public for assistance and hoping the birth mother or anyone who knows her will come forward.

"The baby could be from the area but also could be from anywhere outside the area," Beaudry said.

Investigators aren't sure how long the autopsy will take.

"We need a lot more information before we can direct our investigation in a certain direction," she said.

 Police hope to know more about how and when the baby died once details from the autopsy are released.

"The public's help is crucial in the sense that to gather some more information because as it stands, we don't have a lot of information regarding the how and the when [of the baby's death]," Beaudry said.

"Anything that anyone finds that is suspicious or would help [in the investigation], no small information is too small."

Meanwhile, Debbie Constantine, who lives in the area, said she spotted police on Taylor Road at about 10 p.m. on Saturday.

She said the isolated area where the baby was found is a dirt road mainly used for logging and recreation.  

Constantine said she was sad to hear about the baby boy but she also feels sad for the mother.

"I just hate to think it would come to this for someone and how they may still be really needing help," she said.

It was the second such incident in Canada in two days. The body of an infant boy was found wrapped in a plastic bag Thursday in a yard between two houses in an east Vancouver neighbourhood. 

With files from the Canadian Press