Sarah Kennedy was found dead in her Richmond Corner home

Sarah Kennedy, 82, was found dead in her Richmond Corner home on Saturday. (Matthew Bingley/CBC)

People in the Woodstock area are still reeling after a young man was charged with second-degree murder in the death of an 82-year-old woman over the weekend.

Sarah Kennedy's body was discovered in her Richmond Corner home, just minutes outside the town, early Saturday.

Kyle Edmund Scott, 19, who was arrested later that day driving Kennedy's vehicle just outside Harvey Station, is scheduled to appear in court on Thursday.

RCMP won't confirm whether Kennedy and Scott knew each other, but do say Scott was known to police in the area.

Chelsea Downey, who knows Scott through her ex-boyfriend, says as far as they know, Scott and Kennedy weren't acquainted.

She says she is shocked by the charge against Scott. She always knew him to be "a good person," she said.

Meanwhile, some people in the quiet residential community say Kennedy's death has left them feeling uneasy.

"It'll be a long time before we actually feel safe in the neighbourhood again, cause if there's one out there, there could be more," said Marion Briand.

"People have been talking about it and they said they've been locking their doors and scared," said Julie Fudge.

"It's terrible," said Joanne Lockhart. "[Some people] were talking about their elderly mothers who would probably, you know, let anybody into their house if they came to their door. I mean, I might do that too."

An autopsy was performed on Kennedy on Monday, but RCMP would not comment on how she died.