Maryann Moore

Maryann Moore is disappointed New Brunswick's new prescription drug plan won't cover her medication, Fampyra. (CBC)

A Sussex Corner, N.B., woman is unhappy the province’s new prescription drug plan won’t cover medication that treats her multiple sclerosis.

Maryann Moore says the drug Fampyra helps her stay out of hospital, has restored movement in her legs, and allows her to visit friends.

But the pills cost $600 a month. Moore is on a small pension and she said she's disappointed the drug isn’t on province’s formulary — a list of drugs covered under a plan unveiled Tuesday by the Alward government.

"They talk about it being too much money, that’s what this common drug review said, it’s too costly for the benefits," Moore said. "Well, I would like to meet them and say, ‘That’s not right.’"

The program is designed to cover drugs costs for people who don't have insurance through work. In April 2015, all private drug plans offered by employers will be required to match the coverage offered by the provincial program.

Health Minister Ted Flemming says costs aren’t driving which drugs are included.

The formulary is reviewed by an advisory panel, which looks at the benefit and price.

"It goes through normal processes for testing, checks and balances, and confirming research, confirming results with our system," Flemming said. "And if it meets the criteria it gets on the formulary."