Fredericton member of Parliament Andy Scott won't run again in the next election, he told his riding association Monday night.

Scott, who has represented the New Brunswick capital since 1993, told supporters he is getting out of federal politics because of family considerations and a desire to pursue other unspecified interests.

Scott, 51,and his wife, Denise, have a one-year-old son, Noah, while his two oldest sons, Nathan and Nicholas, are in their early 20s.

"I have been truly blessed to have family members who are very patient, supportive and understanding of this job and the demands it places on one's time," he said.

"However, with a new young family member and my wife having increasing professional responsibilities of her own, this seemed like the appropriate time for me to step aside."

Scott has won the seat in five elections, and has held two cabinet positions, serving as solicitor general under former prime minister Jean Chrétien, and later with Paul Martin's cabinet.

Scott resigned from cabinet under pressure in 1998 after he was overheard discussing sensitive departmental business on an airplane.NDP MPDick Proctor told the Commons he overheard Scott discussing the inquiry into the RCMP's handling of protests during the 1997 Asia Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) conference with his seatmate on an airplane.

Scott, who will finish his current term until a new member has been elected,resurfaced in cabinet under former PM Martin in 2003 as minister of infrastructure and housing, and then served as minister of Indian affairs and northern development.