A house in New Brunswick that allows inmates and their families to spend time together will be rebuilt after it burned down more than two months ago.

Mountain Top House, which offers inexpensive rooms and meals to families of inmates from Dorchester Penitentiary and Westmorland Institution, was destroyed by fire in late July.

Correctional Services Canada and the board of directors of Mountain Top House announced Friday that the house will be rebuilt for $205,000.

Inmates from Westmorland Institution will do most of the construction, which is expected to last about five months.It's part of CSC's rehabilitation program, CORCAN, which helps retrain federal inmates with employable skills.

Until it was hit by lightning and destroyed, Mountain Top House offeredrooms and meals to 1,551 people for $20 each per night.

Denis D'Amour, spokesperson for CSC's Atlantic region, said construction will start within weeks, when the old residence is torn down.

CSC and board members say the house is an important part of the rehabiliation process.

"By helping inmates stay in contact with their families, Mountain Top House will continue helping their reintegration into society as law-abiding citizens," said board chairwoman Jeannie Lowerison.