Mount Highfield Square

A man-made mountain of snow is creating a headache for some politicians and an adventure for some citizens. (Marc Genuist/CBC)

A man-made mountain of snow is the talk of the city in Moncton as residents scale it, pose for pictures with it and some politicians lament it as an eyesore.

Moncton has seen more than 320 centimetres of snow fall this winter and the city’s snow-clearing crews had to bring the extra snow somewhere.

So some of that snow has been piled in the parking lot of the vacated Highfield Square Mall.

The snow mountain has become an attraction in the city.

Even in Monday’s relentless rain, people such as Louis-Marcel Robichaud were standing next to the snow mountain and taking a selfie with the creation.

"I think it's great, it could be an attraction here in Moncton,” Robichaud said.

Amanda Haché and her partner have also scaled the mountain. They loved it so much that she said they climbed the snow mountain three or four times.

“It was just a fun thing to talk about and share,” she said.

But not everyone shares her enthusiasm.

Coun. Pierre Boudreau voiced his displeasure with the snow mountain at Monday night’s council meeting.

"I am really not impressed by Mount Highfield Square,” he said.

“It is nothing less than a snow dump on our Main Street"

Boudreau said he feels the snow mountain is a bylaw infraction and he wants a report from the city's legal department as to why this was allowed to happen.