Students at Mount Allison University in Sackville are protesting changes in tuition fees for correspondence courses.

The students' union organized what it called a 'silent protest' at a university senate meeting on Tuesday.

The students want the university to revisit the decision to increase fees.

'Students are really upset by this.' - Tina Oh, Mount Allison Students' Union

Tina Oh is the vice president, communications for the Mount Allison Students' Union.

She says she will be personally affected by the change, as will many other students, especially those taking political science and sociology.


Mount Allison University has made changes to tuition fees for correspondence courses. (CBC)

"Those departments only offer some required courses through correspondence," said Oh.

Oh says the way the fees are structured now, a student pays full time tuition if she is taking three to six courses, at a cost of $7,465. Under this system, a student may also enrol in correspondence courses at no additional cost. As of January 2016, that changes.

"Students [will pay] that $7,500 for tuition plus an extra $746.50 for a correspondence course … students are really upset by this."

Oh says any financial burden placed on the students is unfair, because it creates a financial barrier which compromises accessibility and flexibility.

"New Brunswick students have the highest debt in Canada. It just speaks to the amount of pressure students are facing."

According to a statement from the university, there are, on average, 31 correspondence courses scheduled each term, with about 200 students enrolled, per term.

Robert Inglis, Mount Allison's vice-president, finance and administration said, "We will consider Senate's recommendation, as well as other aspects of the proposed change as it relates to students wishing to take these courses next term."