Social Development Minister Sue Stultz said the department will take care of the Grand Manan Nursing Home's pressing issues. ((CBC))

The 40-year-old Grand Manan Nursing Home is forcing residents to eat and bathe in their own rooms as the facility struggles with a mould problem.

The nursing home has been plagued with mould issues off-and-on for nearly a decade.

Four residents had to be moved out of their rooms a week ago and are now set up in the dining room as a result of the mould outbreak.

The reorganization of rooms inside the nursing home means other residents must eat their meals in their own rooms until the situation is cleared up.

As well, the residents cannot access the facility's tub room, which has also been sealed off.

The latest fungal outbreak has also caused one staff member, who is sensitive to mould, to be put on sick leave.

Rob MacPherson, the chairman of the nursing home's board of directors, said the facility is in need of being replaced.

"The building has to be replaced and that's been identified as a necessity," MacPherson said.

"Now we're caught up in the review process that the government is undertaking before we can move forward."

Contractors have begun the clean up but it will be a few weeks yet before the affected rooms can be opened again.

The former Liberal government had previously committed to building a new long-term care facility in Grand Manan, under its renovation and replacement plan for nursing homes.

However, the Progressive Conservative government put those projects on hold. The Department of Social Development is reviewing all of the financial commitments made to nursing homes to ensure there is good value for taxpayers.

Social Development Minister Sue Stultz said the department will take care of the facility's pressing issues despite the ongoing review.

"We're looking at this and if there is an issue we will make sure it's addressed at the time," Stultz said.