A mould outbreak in June at the Grand Manan Nursing Home has delayed the completion of a nursing home outside Fredericton by at least six months. 


Social Development Minister Sue Stultz said safety will not be compromised by recent mould issues at New Brunswick nursing homes. ((CBC))

The Mill Cove Nursing Home — which was slated to be replaced by a new $23-million home in the summer of 2012 — has been plagued by mould problems of its own.

But Elden Hunter, chair of Mill Cove, said the project has fallen behind by half a year because the provincial government needed to alter its $200-million seniors-home plan so it could deal with the Grand Manan issue. 

Mill Cove has been partially closed since last fall due to a toxic outbreak in the storage area, which spread through the walls of the adjoining wing.

Nancy Kierstead, the facility's director of nursing, said a new nursing station had to be built.

"They replaced all the lower walls because there was water coming in under the door," Kierstead said.

She said staff members were complaining of numerous respiratory issues.

"Mostly respiratory, a lot of difficulty breathing, coughing, runny nose, people with congestion and headaches, sore eyes and people missing work quite a bit," she said.

Last summer seniors at Grand Manan Nursing Home had to be moved after fighting mould issues for nearly a decade.

Hunter said that Mill Cove was at the top of the list to be replaced.

"I would say the clock is ticking," he said.

"We feel that there is a finite life in this home that has been shown ... when the home was originally announced and we feel that we have to move forward to complete that construction and move the residents and staff into the new home on the timeline that was set."

Social Development Minister Sue Stultz said she is reviewing the nursing home plans and that safety will not be compromised by the delays.