A new poll by Allstate Insurance has found virtually all respondents think distracted driving is a bad thing but a large number of them admit to being distracted behind the wheel themselves.

The insurance company’s online survey of more than 2,000 drivers reported 97 per cent think distracted driving, when done by others, is negative. And, 90 per cent of drivers admit they have been distracted when they are driving.

The survey found 35 per cent of drivers born between 1946 and 1996 admitted to texting, emailing or snapping pictures at the wheel, all of which are illegal in New Brunswick.

Drivers born between 1965 and 1980 are the most likely to admit to distracted driving.

Others admitted to legal distractions, such as eating while driving or looking away from the road to turn up the music or talk to a passenger.

New Brunswick's distracted driving law came into force in 2011. Drivers caught talking or texting on their phones will lose three points off their licence and receive a fine of $172.50.