A man is lucky to be alive after his car careened off the Trans-Canada highway near Kings Landing outside Fredericton on Wednesday and plunged down a 45-metre embankment.

The man crawled back up looking for help, said Jerry Bowmaster, the tow truck driver who recovered the wreck.

"Where he was, you'd have never seen him — unless you were walking down in the brook, or fishing in the brook, because the banks were so steep down in where it was," Bowmaster told CBC News.

"You couldn't see him from the road," he said.

"Apparently he crawled out of it and he was up in the median like five hours later. A transport went by and saw the fella laying in the median."

There is no word on the man's condition.

Bowmaster says the man was driving a Dodge Charger that was crumpled beyond recognition.

It landed in the brook on its roof, he said.

"The driver's side, there's just room enough for a person to be sitting in there, but they're built so well today to stand the crash, I guess," said Bowmaster.