Motor Maids all-female club celebrates 75th anniversary

The all-female Motor Maids motorcycle club will celebrate the club's 75th anniversary in Moncton next week.

Club celebrates 75th anniversary as member celebrates 75th birthday

A whole different motorcycle club will be rolling into Moncton NEXT week. And it's one with a decided difference. It's all female. The Motor Maids will be celebrating the club's 75th anniversary. And so will one rider in particular. 2:21

The all-female Motor Maids motorcycle club will celebrate its 75th anniversary in Moncton next week.

Gail Neilson has been riding with the all-female motorcycle club since 1991. Neilson, a mother and grandmother, said her club is different from others.

"The difference between Motor Maids, and a different kind of club, is that we ride. We have to ride to convention, and ride home. We don't trailer our bikes," she said.

"If you saw all these women at the convention hotel and they didn't have their vests on, you would think it was a bridge party. There's a lady 90 years old that's riding here from New Jersey."

Neilson's daughter-in-law Marjorie introduced her to the biking club in the 1990s. They've clocked thousands of hours on the road together.

Marjorie Neilson was there when her mother-in-law got a tattoo of an angel, not the Hells Angels.

"It's on my shoulder. Because I always put an angel on, a pin, and I would lose it, so I thought if I get a tattoo, I'm not going to lose it," she said.

Neilson has the ribbons from almost 25 years of conventions. She missed one because she was undergoing chemotherapy for leukaemia. But a good friend mounted her photo and took it with her.

"She took that all across to the west coast. Different people, she'd get their picture taken with it, and she'd tell them the story about her friend who couldn't do this ride 'and I'm bringing her,'" she said.

Neilson will be turning 75 next week, along with the Motor Maids club. The club will be hosting their convention in Moncton starting Tuesday. It's the first time it's been hosted in Atlantic Canada.

"We're more excited about seeing each other than in comparing our bikes. It doesn't matter what you ride, as long as your knees are in the breeze," she said. 


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