Bradley and Brandon Saia were found guilty on three charges in connection with a fatal home invasion in Saint John last year. (Saint John Police Force)

The mother a young Saint John man who died while participating in a home invasion is now speaking out, asking why no one helped her son as he was bleeding to death.

Liz Fulton was stunned by testimony she heard during the trial of twin brothers, Bradley and Brandon Saia, who were found guilty on Wednesday in the fatal home invasion.

She said she's particularly upset that none of her son, AJ Dennison's, four friends tried to help him that night after he was fatally wounded.

"They just continued with the robbery and left a human being there to bleed to death. And that's literally what happened," she said.

"They felt it more important to continue with the robbery instead of saving his life. Nobody did anything."

Fulton also questioned why no charges were laid against her son's girlfriend, Melissa Perry, who allowed her apartment to be used as a staging area for the home invasion and did nothing after learning, when the others arrived back, that Dennison had been stabbed.

Bradley and Brandon Saia, the 22-year-old twin brothers, were each convicted of forcible entry, stealing personal property while armed with a weapon, and wearing masks while committing an indictable offence in the Nov. 3 robbery of Christopher Reid's west side home.

They will be back in court for a sentencing hearing on Aug. 7.

Brother defends Saia twins

A brother of the Saia twins said after the trial that Bradley and Brandon are not bad people.

Shane Stevens said his older brothers struggled with their lives after the drug overdose of a close friend.

Stevens said he's been with them and they have always been polite and considerate of others.

But he said they were affected by the tragic events earlier in their lives.

"When they were growing up they kind of had it wrong, if you want to put it that way," he said.

It only took a jury eight hours to find the twins guilty in connection with the fatal home invasion.

A 17-year-old youth and Ronald McCutcheon, 21, have both pleaded guilty to charges connected to the incident and await sentencing.