In the weeks following post-tropical storm Arthur New Brunswickers have experienced more power outages than usual, and power crews say more are on the way.

On Friday morning about 2,500 people in the Fredericton area were without power because of fallen branches on a NB Power substation.

“With Arthur I think a lot of stuff did come down but we're still going to see some breakage,” said Fredericton Parks and Trees supervisor Robert Glenright.

Glenright has been busy over the last month coordinating the cleanup of thousands of trees in Fredericton.

And he expects more downed trees in the months to come.

Fredericton Parks and Trees supervisor Robert Glenright

Fredericton Parks and Trees supervisor Robert Glenright says the city has cleaned up thousands of fallen trees in the city since post-tropical storm Arthur. (CBC)

NB Power spokesperson Meghan Gerrish says there are many low-hanging branches over power lines throughout the area. 

“It's ongoing work for our crews and tree trimmers that are out there working to remove these branches from hanging over the line and threatening power during rain and wind storms,” she said. 

She said they expect more power outages in the coming months as fall winds and rain break off the low-hanging branches.

City budget takes a hit

A Fredericton councillor says intense snow storms, and post-tropical storm Arthur have been hard on the city's operating budget and forced the municipality to dip into its contingency fund. 

Councillor Bruce Grandy, says municipalities should be prepared for the worst.

“Understand and look at your operational costs, and have that contingency fund available for you instead of operating right on the line.”

Grandy, chair of the Finance and Administration Committee, says Arthur is expected to cost the city over $1 million, a third of which the federal government will cover.