Moose hunting season sees strong start

Some moose hunters in New Brunswick were lining up at weigh stations with their kills just hours after the launch of the season on Thursday.

Some hunters bagged kills within hours of Thursday's launch

Hunting season in New Brunswick saw a strong start on Thursday.

About 4,700 coveted licences were granted this year.

Hunters hit the woods early in the morning and many, like Isabelle Banks, had a lucky day.

She managed to get a licence the first time she applied — and a 300-kilogram moose.

"We went out early, early this morning, canoed out to Ash Swamp and my designate, John Harding, is really good at calling, and he called it in. That fascinated me," she said.

"Sure enough, he called that male moose right in! So it was great."

Laurie Anderson was all smiles being drawn for a moose licence for the first time in 18 years then bagging a moose on the first day of hunting season. (CBC)

Many hunters have to apply for a number of years before their name is drawn. The Department of Natural Resources says it takes an average of 15 to 20 years in New Brunswick.

This year, there was some confusion when the department announced a handful of people received false confirmations online.

"This is my first time I've ever had my licence — and I've been putting in for 18 years," said Laurie Anderson.

But after years of waiting, it took only a few hours before her moose hunting season was over.

"My husband started banging on the hood of my truck and he was kind of down in front of us and I just put the gun up and shot it," she said.

Vaughn MacDonald managed to draw a crowd with his 400-kilogram kill.

"Cow, two calves and a bull walked out and got a lucky shot," he said, of his 400-kilogram kill. "Missed two deer before in my life. First moose, first animal."

Last year's moose hunting season was a record-breaker, according to moose biologist Dwayne Sabine.

"The hunters took just over 3,500 moose. And the previous record was just over 2,500. So about a thousand more moose than we've taken in the past," he said.

This year's season runs until Saturday.


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