The moose hunting season in New Brunswick stands to be increased to five days in length under proposed regulatory changes to the Fish and Wildlife Act.

Moose season

These hunters bagged a moose on the first day of the 2013 moose season in New Brunswick. (CBC)

The season is currently three days in length.

Natural Resources Minister Paul Robichaud said most hunters prefer a longer season.

"Moose hunting is a very popular recreational activity for which demand greatly exceeds supply each year," said Robichaud.

"In recent years, applications for moose licences have been on average 14 times higher than the amount available.

"According to the department's annual moose hunter survey, most licence holders said they would prefer a longer hunting season."

The length of the moose hunting season is set by a regulation in the Fish and Wildlife Act. The provincial government is asking for public feedback on the proposed regulatory change. 

With the longer season, the number of licences available for New Brunswick residents will be held at 4,612, the same as in 2013.

The department says it increased its aerial moose survey effort during the winter to ensure the moose population can sustain a longer season without long-term consequences.

"A longer hunting season will give hunters more opportunities to hunt a moose," said Robichaud.

"This will also result in more economic benefits for that industry in the province."

The resident moose draw will take place for May 20 to June 13.

If approved, the longer moose hunting season will take place during the last week of September.