Be in this space: first-ever Moonlight Bazaar to light up abandoned Saint John lot

A glowing orb will rise over Saint John on Saturday for the Moonlight Bazaar, combining costumes, DJ tunes, tarot card readers and reiki practitioners, artisans, food vendors and bars serving up beer and cocktails.

It'll be out of this world

This computer-generated image, submitted by Moonlight Bazaar co-founder Lauchlan Ough, imagines what the giant inflatable moon is going to look like over Grannan Sreet on Saturday evening. (Submitted by Lauchlan Ough)

A glowing orb will rise over Saint John on Saturday night at the city's first-ever Moonlight Bazaar.

The inaugural night market combines costumes, DJ tunes, tarot card readers and reiki practitioners, local artisans and food vendors, and bars serving up frosty craft beer and cocktails.

"We were inspired to do this in 2014 after we went to this evening bazaar in an old warehouse in Brooklyn," said Moonlight Bazaar co-founder Lauchlan Ough, who organized the event with fellow Saint Johners Jody Kliffer and Kale Harper.

"We thought, 'Oh my god, we have to do this in Saint John.'"

'New-age-y, spacey feeling'

Approximately 16 vendors are scheduled to take part. There will also be "a few pop-up surprise performances throughout the event," Ough said.

"You're either there at the right time, or you're not."

Grannan Street and part of Canterbury will be closed from 8 p.m. until late on Saturday to make way for the event — so named for the softly glowing 20-foot-diameter inflatable moon that will be suspended overhead, setting an otherworldly ambience.

Man on the moon: a glowing orb will be the centrepiece of the night market, the centre of which will be a vacant lot behind the uptown Saint John restaurant and cocktail bar Port City Royal. (Submitted by Lauchlan Ough)

Most of the action will take place in the vacant lot off Grannan Lane, behind Port City Royal.

"There will be sod laid underneath the moon so that you can hang out, have a drink and eat cheese," Ough said.

Attendees also should plan to don their most out-of-this-world apparel.

Not only are costumes encouraged, Ough said, but the bazaar has partnered with the upcoming Fundy Fan Fest and will include a contingent of cosplayers in comic book and anime-themed getups.

"There will be lots of people in costumes and wacky outfits," Ough said.

The moon, Kliffer said, is the perfect focal point for an out-of-this world outdoor event.

"It'll have a new-age-y, spacey feeling," he said. "We've rounded up a lot of people with a proclivity for the strange to take part."