Moncton pit bulls

Annika Barnes, left, organized the "Bully Walk" over the weekend that was intended to raise awareness about the positive aspects of pit bulls. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

A Moncton woman says pit bulls have developed a bad reputation so she organized a special walk over the weekend to raise awareness about the positive aspects of the dog breed.

Annika Barnes said she loves her pit bull Aubrey and said there are many misconceptions about the breed.

So, she organized Moncton’s first every “Bully Walk,” similar to other events held in different cities that aimed to break down the negative stigma around pit bulls. 

“Stereotypes that surround them are outdated, they are unwarranted and what we can do now, in the year 2014, is keep promoting these breeds, keep promoting them, showing people that they are not as horrible as everyone thinks they are,” she said.

Barnes said she would like people to understand that the dogs are often not at fault for problems.

“It's about time that people need to stop thinking it’s the breed and start laying the blame on the owners because they are the ones that are the problem,” she said.

Rachael Warren also participated in the walk in support of pit bulls in Moncton.

Warren said she fell in love with the breed of dogs while working at a shelter in Nova Scotia.

She said anyone who isn't sure about pit bulls should take the time to get to know them.

"Just go to your local shelter and hang out with a pit bull and you'll realize that they are just like other dog, they are awesome, they are not there to hurt you, they just want love,” she said.

Organizers for the Bully Walk are also eager to promote the Yellow Ribbon project.

If you see any breed dog with a yellow ribbon on their collar or leash, it doesn't mean the dog is dangerous, it means they need space or might not like being approached.