A Moncton woman says a new electronic billboard on Mountain Road is keeping her up at night.

Sandy Pellerin says the sign across the street from her home and business is too bright.

She saw the billboard being erected a few weeks ago at the corner of Mountain Road and Weldon Street.

Sandra Pellerin

Sandra Pellerin objects to the brightness of a new electronic billboard across the street from her home and business at the corner of Mountain Road and Weldon Street in Moncton. (Kate Letterick / CBC)

But she says she wasn't prepared for what happened when the sign was turned on.

I've got a small business," she said. "I understand the value of advertising.

"But when it went up and it started flashing, I thought, 'Wow, this is going to be intrusive.'"

Pellerin says the sign shines directly into her bedroom and closing the blinds and curtains doesn't help.

"[It's] like a strobe light," she said. "When an ambulance goes by your house or police go by your house and you see the light coming in the window, of course they're seconds and they're gone

"This is all night constant and it changes," said Pellerin. " I don't know how many seconds they have it on delay, but they have six or seven different advertisements that change constantly and it goes on all night long."

The billboard company is xoxolo.com. Operator Olivier Bertrand say's the sign's brightness is adjusted at night.

"Lunchtime, you got 100 per cent luminosity," said Bertrand. "If it's cloudy, probably 75 per cent just because it's cloudy.

"And at night time, which is a critical time for that type of device, you've got between three and four per cent intensity."

Pellerin would like the sign to be shut off after midnight.

The City of Moncton says a permit was issued for the sign and it is located in a commercial zone.