A Moncton area middle school teacher is running through the after-effects of blizzard and ice storms to inspire young New Brunswickers to get fit.

Armand Doucet's goal is to run 30 kilometres a day for 30 days.

Doucet, who began his Ironwill challenge last week, didn't expect it to be easy, but says the weather hasn't been helping.

He has been pummelled by snow, freezing rain and strong winds six out of the past seven days. At the height of the most recent storm, he had to resort to a treadmill.

"Mother Nature has been throwing us a curve ball," he said.

But he wears bright colours, tries to stay away from busy roads, and deals with the elements as they come.

"The footing was really bad once, the [pavement] went away and you were with only snow. It felt like quicksand, but other than that, it was pretty good," he said.

Doucet has also been speaking at local schools, challenging children to get moving and get healthy.

He says with New Brunswick having some of the worst obesity rates in the country and the province's growing debt, the health care system is unsustainable.

"I hope the kids are picking up the challenge, and so is the community because I mean, we're doing our part. Health and wellness is probably the civil rights battle of our generation."

Doucet says he has been encouraged by the support he's received from teachers and doctors on his campaign and the winter weather won't stop him from completing his task.

But he hopes the weather improves by the last day of the challenge, when he plans to run 90 kilometres between participating schools.