William MacGillivray will return to Moncton court on April 14. (Kate Letterick/CBC)

A Moncton teacher who is facing several sex-related charges has had his election and plea put off until April 14.

William MacGillivray, 41, of Harrison Trimble High School, is charged with two counts of sexual exploitation, and one count each of child luring, sexual assault and obstruction involving a girl under the age of 18, while he was in a position of trust.

The charges date back to 2010-11 and involve two alleged victims, RCMP have said.

MacGillivray, who also served as a drama instructor at the school, remains released in the community on several conditions.

He must not be alone with girls under the age of 18 unless with an adult, not have any contact with the initial complainant or her family, and not possess a device to access the Internet unless it's at work.

MacGillivray must also remain in the Greater Moncton area, report weekly to police and submit to searches by police without a warrant.