The Moncton SPCA is overflowing with unwanted and lost pets after roughly 350 animals have been turned in to the shelter in the last month.

The influx of animals is putting a strain on the SPCA's resources and staff members.

Nanette Pearl, the executive director of the Moncton SPCA, said the shelter is full, the kennels are full and all of the foster homes that take in pets are being utilized.

Pearl said there are a couple of reasons for the onslaught of animals.

"Unfortunately in the summer time as well adoptions are lower and the unneutered, unspayed animals with the good weather and this they're out there making more," Pearl said.

Crowded with cats

Cats seem to be the major problem right now.

The shelter can hold close to 300 cats and between 80 and 100 dogs.

But Pearl said with those areas packed, the shelter has no choice but to euthanize some of the animals who aren't claimed or adopted.

"It's emotionally taxing because unfortunately it's decisions we have to make every day and I commend my staff immensely for what they have to do," she said.

Pearl said although the shelter will never turn an animal away, she wants people to think of the SPCA as a last resort.

She said the overcrowding problem could be reduced if people spayed or neutered their pets or kept them inside or on a leash or harness.

The Moncton SPCA had a similar problem earlier this year when the shelter was flooded with rabbits.