dog poop2

Wes Breau wants city officials in Moncton to do a better job of cleaning up dog waste and to strictly enforce bylaws. (Kate Letterick/CBC)

The Moncton SPCA says it is doing what it can to enforce poop-and-scoop rules on city parks and trails but the organization wants pet owners to pick after their animals.

The SPCA has a service contract with the City of Moncton to patrol parks and trails to make sure people are cleaning up after their pets.

Karen Nelson, the SPCA’s executive director, said four officers work seven days a week to monitor parks and trails.

"There are only two on a shift and there's a lot of places and our city is growing and our parks and our green spaces are growing so we're there,” she said.

Nelson said officers are handing out fines, which range from $100 to more than $1,000 when they catch pet owners failing to stoop and scoop.

But that's not always easy to do, Nelson said, especially when owners see the officers coming.

"When people see the animal control officers that reminds them that they have to look after their animals, so it's more of a prevention when they see us,” she said.

“It’s when they don't see us that they're not as diligent about picking up after their animals."

On Thursday, Darlene LeBlanc was getting ready to take her small dog, Spike, for a run at the dog park at Centennial Park.

She said she doesn't like to see pet waste at city parks.

"It's not a nice thing to look at or to smell but everybody should do their part. They own dogs, like myself and they should do their part,” LeBlanc said.

Wes Breau runs a company that cleans up dog waste on commercial and residential properties. He is asking the city to do a better job cleaning up after dogs on trails and in parks.

Isabelle LeBlanc, a city spokesperson, said crews will complete a spring maintenance program that includes cleaning up parks and trails but that won't happen until the snow melts.