Moncton sinkhole repairs underway

The City of Moncton is fixing two large sinkholes that have developed beside Jones Lake on the city's west side.

Crews are fixing 2 large sinkholes by Jones Lake

The City of Moncton is fixing two large sinkholes that have developed beside Jones Lake on the city's west side.

The holes, which are both up to two metres in diameter, were discovered about a month ago.

City officials were keeping an eye on them, but decided repairs couldn't wait any longer with popular walking trails nearby.

Crews were digging down deep between the walking trail and the control gates of the lake just off of Main Street on Tuesday.

General foreman Jeff Scott said the concern with sinkholes is what's underground.

"Generally they're caused when water is moving through the soil," he said. "It takes a little bit of soil with them, drops into another area, creates a cavity and then the top soil drops down and then you get the hole that's on the top."

But in this case, the problem can be fixed by digging down and pouring some concrete, Scott said.

Lake drained

The lake has been drained to allow for the repairs, which has passersby asking questions, he said.

"People are very unaware as to what has been happening in the past and why the lake has been drained, although we've tried to get the information out," said Scott.

"Just a lot of people see it and they're surprised by it and they'll ask questions."

The city had to do a similar repair in the area three years ago.

Scott said a long-term fix is pending, but he declined to discuss any details.

Meanwhile, the current repairs are expected to take a few days. Barricades will remain around that area of the trail until the work is complete, Scott said.

City officials have not said how much the repairs will cost.