A sign has been put up in Victoria Park to warn those involved in prostitution that their information will be displayed online. (Ryan Davison/

A sign has been put up in Moncton warning prostitutes and customers to move out of the Victoria Park area.

Residents in the neighbourhood say prostitution has been on the rise in the afternoons and evenings.

The message on the hand-written sign says "Beware Johns" and is posted on the corner of Lutz and Park Streets.

It also warns that pictures of people soliciting prostitutes and licence plates will be posted on Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere online.

Mel Couturier has lived in the neighbourhood for 35 years and said he put up the sign because he was fed up.

"I don't want it on my corner where my grandchildren, who are teenagers, can see that. Not only that, it attracts drug addicts. I found needles in my flowerbed. I don't like it."

Some residents say the sign seems to be cutting down on the action.

RCMP Const. Damien Theriault said it's the type of crime that cycles through a city.

"There are new faces coming along all the time in that type of crime or activity and unfortunately we have to be mindful of that and keep a watch out for them," he said.

Theriault said uploading images could be considered defamation if the person in question is not involved in the criminal act.

He said any one suspecting illegal activity should call the police with details.

For now, Couturier said he plans to leave the sign up.