Moncton's surplus military homes to be disposed of

Plans are underway to do something wiht the empty military housing in the west end of Moncton.

Only 10 families live in the 74 single and semi-detached houses in Acadia Park area

Plans are underway to address the empty military housing in the west end of Moncton.

There are 74 single and semi-detached houses in the Acadia Park area, but only 10 families now live there following the transfer of military personnel.

Most of the military housing in Moncton's west end is sitting empty. (Kate Letterick/CBC)
Lt.-Col.Chip Madic, the commanding officer of 5 Engineer Services Unit, says Public Works and Government Services Canada is in the process of getting rid of the properties, which should take about four months to complete.

That work includes environmental site assessments and appraisals, which will be finalized by March 31. Following those assessments, the department will offer the housing to the federal, provincial and municipal governments.

If there is no interest, the properties will be listed for sale, said Madic.

"The process allows that if the province or the municipality wanted those homes for a specific reason it would then be up to them to take the action.

"That would then preclude the homes being put on the open market for developers or private buyers," he said.

The aim is a smooth transition, said Madic.

"What we're really striving to make sure is that we're not adversely affecting the community and the residents that live there … trying to be as sensitive as we can be to their requirements, while at the same time trying to achieve the aim of disposing of the property."

Madic says in the meantime, the properties are still being maintained.

"There's minimal heat and there's regular checks, daily checks on a number of houses that are done. The grounds will be kept up, the grass will be cut, the snow will be removed," he said.

If the houses are sold, the asking price will depend on market appraisals.