Downtown Moncton Inc. is proposing a plan that would bring back art to the CN Railway overpass, which is commonly known as the subway.

During the 1970s, the subway was pink and each year local charities, service clubs and other non-profit groups got together and painted the panels underneath the structure.

Anne Poirier-Basque, the executive director of Downtown Moncton Inc., said many people have talked about beautifying the subway again.

"More than just keeping it a grey structure, I think it would be interesting to have something a little bit more of the day … maybe some type of art," she said.

"We're definitely going to open the discussion and see where we can go with this."

Poirier-Basque said her group is just trying to assess the level of interest in the city to undertake the public art project.

"Quite possibly we'll be doing, you know, just putting a little bit of a request of interest out there to see what it is that the general public would want to do," she said.

"We could partner with schools. We could partner with community organizations. There's many possibilities here."

Poirier-Basque said she has spoken to CN about the idea and she said the company seems willing to talk about the idea.