The so-called Park Golfer who was accused of assault at Moncton’s Victoria Park last summer is again practising his swing, says the man who tried to stop him last year.

Last September, Mike Delahunt, who often used the park as a driving range, was arrested for assault causing bodily harm after an altercation with Fred Leidemer.

Fred Leidemer

Fred Leidemer says he saw the so-called Park Golfer in Moncton's Victoria Park recently. (CBC)

When Leidemer’s wife was almost hit by a golf ball, he confronted Delahunt. Leidemer says the golfer shoved and punched him. Leidemer suffered a broken arm and a missing tooth.

As part of the conditions of his release, Delahunt was ordered to stay out of all municipal parks.

But Leidemer says he recently saw the golfer by the park and he wants Delahunt stopped for good. 

"We've established this is not a place for golf. We've passed a bylaw that says you can't play golf here, this shouldn't be continuing," said Leidemer.

Delahunt, however, says he was not golfing in the park. He says he is respecting the conditions of his release.

In December, at Leidemer’s request, the city amended a bylaw so that golf would be prohibited in city parks.

Park golfer

Park golfer Mike Delahunt was arrested by RCMP after crashing a news conference organized by Fred Leidemer. (CBC)

Anyone found in violation faces a fine from $100 to $1,070.

"I would like to see them enforce the bylaw,” said Leidemer.

“I don't think we should see this individual with a golf club in hand. And I don’t think he should be hitting golf balls in the neighbourhood."

The City of Moncton confirms that the bylaw enforcement officer has received a complaint about a golfer in Victoria Park and they say they are investigating.


  • An earlier version of this story did not include comments from Mike Delahunt. Delahunt says he has stayed away from the park and is respecting the conditions of his release. He says he was golfing on the sidewalk and not in the park. Fred Leidemer clarified that he did not see Delahunt golfing in the park, but rather on the sidewalk along the park.
    May 02, 2014 5:13 PM AT