The City of Moncton plans to replace the pool at the Moncton Youth Centre with a splash pad. (Marc Genuist/CBC)

Parents and children who use Moncton's last outdoor pool are upset the city plans to shut it down.

The pool, located at the Moncton Youth Centre, is slated to be replaced by a splash pad, said Pikey French, who runs the centre.

"The city has come to me and they've told me, 'We're closing the pool,'" she said.

City officials say the pool is 35 years old and is costing too much to maintain and repair.

French says the city has let the pool go. She also believes the city doesn't want to have to pay for lifeguards.

Brooke King, 12, who was one of several youth lined up at the diving board on Thursday, said she is not impressed.

"I would probably cry," if it closed, she said.

Natalie Savoy, of Riverview, said she is also disappointed.

"I felt a little bit kept in the dark," said Savoy, whose daughter uses the pool almost every day.

"We're taxpayers. I don't believe that the city, or any public representative for that matter, has the right to make any decisions to close any public facilities without having the public be aware."

Stephanie Doiron says the pool is where the neighbourhood kids spend their summers.

"My son is upset," she said.

"When he heard this pool might be closing, he says, 'Mom, I've got to go swimming every day this year because it may not be there next year.'"

Joel Bainbridge, 18, said he has used the pool for many years.

"I started coming here when I was five years old, so that would be 13 years ago and I used to come here as a kid all the time, swimming. I mean, I learned to swim in this very … pool," he said.