Four Moncton brothers are receiving sizzling reviews for their home-cured, locally-smoked bacon and are now looking at expanding their business.

Matthieu Léger is one of the co-owners of Bacon Beacon, which processes roughly 15 kilograms of bacon each week and sells it in Moncton.

Local bacon

Bacon Beacon adds locally-sourced ingredients, such as maple, chocolate and coffee, to give their bacon a unique taste. (CBC)

The business has gone so well that Léger said he and his brothers are having trouble keeping up with demand for their bacon.

"To start, I guess it was kind of a home kitchen thing. Now we've moved things to Bacon Beacon headquarters, as we call them,” Léger said.

“It provides us with space we need to be able to do production of about 30 pounds a week, which is what we're doing currently and we have our eyes set to possibly being at the Moncton market.”

Léger said the brothers will soon have to add another shift to keep up with demand.

They have also purchased a special bicycle so they can sell their bacon across the city.

Each week, Bacon Beacon’s customers have a chance to taste a slight variation on their order. Léger and his brothers experiment with locally-sourced ingredients, such as maple, chocolate and coffee, to give their bacon a unique flavour.

Léger said Bacon Beacon has also found an innovative way to keep its costs down when acquiring its different ingredients.

“So far, we've done about 12 transactions with 12 different businesses in which our only offering is bacon and they take it without hesitation and provide us the service we need to be able to help us grow,” he said.

Bacon by bicycle

Bacon Beacon

Matthieu Léger said Moncton's Bacon Beacon produces about 15 kilograms of locally-produced bacon each week. (CBC)

The small Moncton business takes its orders each week online and the packages of bacon are then delivered by bicycle.

Léger said they had no problem keeping up with the deliveries even during the cold, winter months.

"The guy contacted us through Facebook, asking us if we needed someone to do the bicycle deliveries through winter,” Léger said.

“He's been doing it strong all through winter and has been nothing but fantastic and people really appreciate it as well. And he gets paid in bacon."

John David Murray, who delivers Bacon Beacon’s packages around Moncton, said he is always greeted very warmly when he shows up on his bicycle, brandishing the locally-made bacon.

"Everyone's super excited to get it,” he said.

“I've gone to houses before and there's already people standing beside the stove just ready for it to come in. Most people, it gets eaten that night, usually."

Murray navigates the city using a list of addresses for the company’s customers. However, many customers also put signs with “Bacon” written in large block letters in their window so Murray can find their homes easily.

David Gregory and Nisk Imbeault are regular bacon customers. Gregory said they enjoy being able to support a local business that produces a tasty product.

"The product is fantastic, and it is about making it a nicer place to live, making Moncton a great place to be because you can go out in the morning, look in your mailbox and there's a half pound of bacon,” Gregory said.