A Moncton-area man who is running 30 kilometres a day for 30 days to encourage young New Brunswickers to get fit, completed 810 kilometres of his challenge on Monday.

Armand Doucet, a middle school teacher, began his Iron Will Challenge in early April with a goal to get kids moving and to live healthy lifestyles.

Doucet said he expected the ambitious plan was going to be tough, but he didn't expect the weather to play such a role.

"The accumulation effects that we thought were going to happen physically happened a lot earlier," said Doucet.

"That was one of the challenges there — just facing Mother Nature and everything she threw at us, from blizzards to ice storms to wind storms to rain."

Doucet's challenge ends Friday with a 90-kilometre run around the greater Moncton area — a distance slightly greater than two marathons.