A few cases a day in provincial court in Moncton need to be rescheduled because Codiac RCMP officers are unavailable to testify. (CBC)

Some court cases in Moncton area experiencing delays related to the shooting of local RCMP officers on June 4.

All RCMP officers with Codiac detachment have been given time off to deal with the shooting deaths of three of their colleagues and injuries to two other members.

However, many court cases require testimony from RCMP officers as they are involved in investigations and are often called as witnesses.

With the officers on leave, a few cases a day are being delayed.

Dave MacLean, a spokesperson with the Department of Justice, said judges, Crown prosecutors and defence lawyers are working together to reschedule cases.

"Everybody's been very co-operative and we're trying to have a turnaround date as quickly thereafter as what makes sense," said MacLean.

"But everybody's been very co-operative and it has affected a few cases a day it seems at the provincial court level."

MacLean said the lawyers are also trying to see if some cases can go ahead without police involvement.

"If it was a case that involved several witnesses and if both sides agreed that the officer's testimony wasn't necessary or germane in the deciding of the case, they may decide to just go ahead in any event and forgo the officer's testimony," said MacLean.

MacLean said it's an exceptional situation, which mostly affects provincial court.

He says the death of the three RCMP officers has been felt by those who work in the courthouse.

"A lot of the folks that work in the courthouse have been very affected by this," he said.

"Many knew the victims. You know, they would be officers who have been in the courts over the years and so everyone is trying to do the best they can under the circumstances."

MacLean said he expects things will return to normal within a few weeks as the Codiac members return to work.