Moncton's downtown streets are about to get a little brighter as garbage bins painted by local artists will start appearing on Oak Lane.

The 12 painted garbage bins represent the first initiative of L’Art Ici/SVP, a local group hoping to bring more colour, culture and character to the area.

Macy Cheng, an artist who worked on the project, said she hopes the splash of colour in her peacock-themed garbage bins will be a hit with pedestrians when they arrive on the street.

"I hope they get inspired, all the colours, makes you feel great," she said.

Cheng is one of six artists chosen to paint one green bin for wet garbage and one blue for dry garbage.

Fabrizio Santori, an artist and visual arts instructor at Moncton’s McKenzie College, a local art school, is also contributing two bins to the public art project.

"It's a good stepping stone for art in the downtown region, we only have 12 bins but I'm hoping that it'll catch on,” Santori said.

Santori’s garbage bins will feature Moncton's cityscape. He said he hopes these bins will be a start to a larger movement of public art in the city.

'I want people to enjoy it, I kind of hope it works as a gateway for people to accept public art and want more of it.' - Lisa Griffin

“It's been lacking and I think we're in desperate need for art in the downtown area,” he said.

“It gives people the sense of comfort when they see art out in public. Also, it beautifies areas of the downtown region that might be a little stark and uninviting.”

L’Art Ici SVP and Downtown Moncton Inc. requested artists’ submissions in April for the painted garbage bins.

The majority of the approved artists were from McKenzie College. The successful applicants were each paid $50 per painted garbage bin.

Lisa Griffin, one of the co-founders of L'Art Ici SVP, said she hopes people will see these colourful bins and start to appreciate the importance of public art.

"I want people to enjoy it, I kind of hope it works as a gateway for people to accept public art and want more of it," she said.

Griffin said the painted bins are just the first of several projects the group has planned to bring more art and colour to Moncton's downtown core.