Yvon Fontaine

A member of the board of governors at the University of Moncton says retired President Yvon Fontaine's annual salary and retirement package was in line with what other top level administrators receive. (Radio-Canada)

The president of the Association of Librarians and Professors at the University of Moncton is calling for transparency when it comes to the salary and pensions for high level administrators.

Earlier this week documents obtained by Radio-Canada showed former president Yvon Fontaine, who retired in 2012, was offered an additional pension from the university, as well as an additional year of paid sabbatical.

'We were scandalized, we were revolted.' - Marie-Noelle Ryan, president Association of Librarians and Professors

Fontaine was already entitled to a pension from the university as a former professor. The additional pension provides for another $45,000 annually until Fontaine's death. If Fontaine doesn't touch his pension until 2017, the annual pension payment increases to $60,000.

Marie-Noelle Ryan says she and her colleagues were shocked to learn the details of Fontaine's retirement package.

"We were scandalized, we were revolted," she said. "We've been told for years that we don't have money so that's a lot of money for a small university like ours."

Ryan says in a school where programs and been cut and retired professors are not being replaced, staff deserve to know what their president and vice-presidents are being paid.

"Yes we'd like to know now what the others earn, and they didn't want to tell us that."

President's salary and retirement package the norm at universities

Jeannot Castonguay, who was a member of the board of governors at the University of Moncton when Fontaine negotiated his contract, says the extra sabbatical time and his additional pension were both well deserved.

"I believe it is fair to recognize that he served the university and the university, over the 12 years he was there, really grew up and is what we are today." 

Castonguay also defended Fontaine's annual salary of roughly $300,000.

He says it may be shocking to people when the average doctor in New Brunswick earns $268,000, but argues his salary is in line with other top level university administrators.