Moncton 'park golfer' Mike Delahunt facing 3 new charges

Moncton's so-called park golfer, Mike Delahunt, is facing three new charges in connection with an alleged incident on May 28 involving the same man who confronted him about his golfing habits last fall.

Delahunt is accused of assaulting Fred Leidemer, making threats, breaching court conditions

The so-called park golfer in Moncton is facing three new charges.

Mike Delahunt, 30, is accused of assault, threats and breach of conditions.

Delahunt made headlines last fall for allegedly assaulting a man who confronted him about using Victoria Park as a driving range.

Mike Delahunt has been remanded in custody until a bail hearing on Monday. (CBC)
RCMP Sgt. André Pepin said the latest charges stem from an alleged incident on Cameron Street on May 28 involving the same man, Fred Leidemer, and some eggs.

"Some threats would have been made and some kind of altercation," said Pepin.

"Not too long after victim called the RCMP to make a complaint. We started investigation and the suspect was arrested," he said.

Police are still investigating exactly "what was done by whom," but some eggs were allegedly thrown at the victim, said Pepin.

Delahunt has been remanded in custody. 

He's scheduled to appear in court again on Monday for a bail hearing.

Earlier this month, Delahunt pleaded not guilty to breaching the conditions of his release.

He had been ordered by the court to stay out of all municipal parks and to have no direct or indirect contact with Leidemer, or Leidemer's wife, Karen.

Leidemer says he saw Delahunt golfing by the park on April 12.

A trial on the alleged breach will be held on Nov. 5.

Delahunt is also scheduled to face an assault causing bodily harm charge on June 6 in connection with the initial alleged incident last September.

Leidemer said his wife was almost hit by a golf ball while walking along the park, so he confronted the golfer. He alleges the golfer shoved and punched him and he suffered a broken arm and a missing tooth.