Richard Hyslop says his dogs have helped him collect thousands of needles. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

A Moncton man who collects discarded drug needles from parks and streets says he can't continue without support.

Richard Hyslop said he and his needle-detecting dogs have collected thousands of needles to keep the streets safe for children.

"Lots of people are petrified of them. I'm willing to go and do this and make sure that gets done," he said.

"The first year I did this, I got 11,500 needles off the street."

But after six years, Hyslop is finding it tough to keep going. He's on a limited income because of a disability and said he's gone into debt to feed his three dogs.

"I'm broke. I don't have money to keep going, I want to keep doing this because it's something that needs to be done," he said.

Hyslop is hoping someone in the community reaches out to help. He said a vehicle would help him and his dogs cover more ground.