Moncton Miracles shooting guard Devin Sweetney set four league records on Sunday in a bid to win the final playoff spot. (Michael R. LeBlanc, CBC)

The Moncton Miracles are hoping to secure a spot in the playoffs after shooting guard Devin Sweetney scored 56 points in a record-setting win against the Montreal Jazz.

Besides shattering the previous National Basketball League of Canada record for points scored by nine points, Sweetney also set a record for three-pointers with ten in the game.

That led to Sweetney breaking the record for the most three-point shots scored in a season with 114.

The fourth record Sweetney broke was for total points in a season. He is the first player in the league to score more than 1000 points with a final tally of 1001.

Sweetney says heading into the game he knew it was important to get a win in order to secure the one spot that remains in the playoffs.

"For me and for everybody we were very serious, like we need to get this win," said Sweetney.

However Sweetney said at half time he had scored 11 points and wasn't expecting anything special.

"It was kind of surreal as it was happening. I got hot late, probably third quarter, hit a couple of shots, got a little rhythm," he said.

"Eleven turns into 20, 20 turns into 30 — okay I'm having a good game."

Now Sweetney and the rest of his team are waiting to see how the other teams perform to find out whether they'll get the final spot in the playoffs.

"It's bad for my heart, my blood pressure definitely went up a couple of notches, the suspense is killing us a little bit but it's good I'm liking our chances, our fans are liking our chances so we're definitely excited."

The Moncton Miracles have finished the 2012-13 regular season with a 20-20 record and a five game winning streak.

The Saint John Mill Rats still have three games remaining in the regular season and so far have a record of 18-18.

The Mill Rats along with the Halifax Rainmen, the Oshawa Power, and the Windsor Express all have 18 wins with regular season games still to play.