Fred Leidemer

Fred Leidemer of Moncton thinks bylaws should prevent people from hitting golf balls in Victoria Park. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

A Moncton man says the city should have done more to keep a golfer out of Victoria Park.

A run-in with a golfer in the city park on Saturday left Fred Leidemer with a broken arm and a missing tooth.

Leidemer and his wife were walking on Cameron Street, which runs along Victoria Park, when a golf ball just missed his wife.

Leidemer says he had seen the golfer at the park for more than a month and he decided to tell him that Victoria Park is not a driving range.

"He caught me totally off-guard," said Leidemer. "I was totally surprised that he punched me in the face."

The punch knocked out a tooth. Then the golfer pushed Leidemer to the ground, breaking his arm.

The golfer then threw golf balls at Leidemer before running away.

There is nothing in the city's bylaws to prevent people from golfing in a city park. But Leidemer says the city knew about the Victoria Park golfer back in August and should have put a stop to it before someone got hurt.

"At some point the bylaws should have common sense and they don't seem to in this situation," said Leidemer.

"You can't go around hitting people!" he said. "It just doesn't seem that this is a place to be driving golf balls, there are mothers with babies and carriages. There are young children there flying kites, playing with family dogs."

Leidemer is pursuing legal action against the Victoria Park golfer.