A Moncton man is walking nearly 300 kilometres to Miramichi and back on crutches to raise awareness about amputees.

Mohamed Benziane left Moncton City Hall on Thursday morning, but he says his journey actually started 23 years ago when he was hit by a truck in Morocco. He was only six years old.

At 18, he decided to have his right leg amputated due to lingering problems.

The road is long, but Benziane says his goal is to show others what people with mobility challenges can do.

“It's a walk for hope, for people who have disabilities, specifically for amputees to show people we are capable of almost anything an able person can do,” said Benziane through a translator.

He says the message is even stronger when people see him walking with crutches along Highway 11.

Benziane says he takes inspiration from another famous amputee, Terry Fox.

“Every person has something inside that can motivate them. It's just a matter of figuring out how to express that internal courage,” he said in French.

Benziane said he eventually wants to complete a longer walk to raise money to buy a robotic knee. Because there's limited coverage from the province, Benziane said he wants to raise close to $82,000.

His girlfriend, Jocelyn Fraser, says even though he can do most things, there are a many things a knee would help him do.

“Just going for a hike in the woods that would be exciting, again being able to participate in sports. Holding hands when you walk,” she said.

Benziane, the father of a four-year-old son, says he has one major goal motivating him to get the knee.    

“Walking like two people, father and son, holding hands.”