Some parking lots place a wheel-lock device, or a boot, on vehicles that are parked without authorization. (CBC)

A Moncton man who accused of damaging a parking boot with a blowtorch has been given a chance to make amends.

Jordan Brown, 20, pleaded not guilty to a charge of mischief for using a blowtorch to take a wheel-lock device off his car last September.

His trial was scheduled to begin on Tuesday, but Crown prosecutor Sylvie Blanchard told the provincial court that Brown had agreed to an "alternative measures" program.

If Brown successfully completes the program, the charge will be dropped.

Greg Kennedy of Parking Solutions, the company that owned the device, was satisfied with the outcome.

"This is the first time it's actually been pushed this far," said Kennedy.

"I mean I've received threats before about taking it off and all that but nobody really pulled through with it."

Kennedy said he was just doing his job and people who park where they are supposed to don't have anything to worry about.

"I just say if you're parked unauthorized then just pay the penalty and you can go on your way — simple as that," he said.

Brown's case returns to court on Dec. 11.