A few cases a day in provincial court in Moncton need to be rescheduled because Codiac RCMP officers are unavailable to testify. (CBC)

A Moncton man with a history of drunk driving dating back 25 years has been sentenced to two years in prison for driving while impaired and driving without a licence.

Sterling Pallen, 45, pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges related to an incident on Pine Glen Road in Riverview on Feb. 22.

Witnesses told police Pallen's car swerved all over the road before it rolled over.

Pallen ran away from the accident scene and a police dog found him hiding in the snow, smelling of alcohol.

Provincial court Judge Anne Dugas-Horsman noted Pallen was sentenced for impaired driving 10 years ago.

She also noted he was convicted of impaired driving causing death in 1989 when he was 20 years old. Pallen had driven four friends to and from a bootlegger and crashed his vehicle, killing two of his friends, including his fiance.

In that case, Pallen was sentenced to 36 months in prison, which was later reduced to 18 months by the New Brunswick Court of Appeal.

While awaiting trial on the 1989 impaired driving causing death charge, Pallen was convicted of impaired driving.

"Here we are again," said Judge Horsman after Crown prosecutor Pierrette Allain requested a two-year sentence.

Horsman said two years was an absolute minimum and said the sentence could have been higher.

Horsman also imposed a five-year ban on driving, but noted Pallen doesn't seem to take court-ordered bans on driving seriously.

As Pallen was escorted back to his cell by a sheriff, he looked at his lawyer and shrugged his shoulders.