Mark Black now speaks to people on the importance of organ donation. (Facebook)

A Moncton man is celebrating an important anniversary — 10 years since his double lung and heart transplant.

Mark Black's heart was failing, and his doctors didn't think he'd make it another two years. But then the life-changing call came.

Black was born with a congenital heart disease and had two major heart operations before his first birthday.

By the time he was 23, he was down to 80 pounds while waiting for an organ transplant.

"I was incredibly sick in hospital and had been for six months prior, my heart was very unstable and doctors were telling us 'You know, we don't know how much time you have,'" Black said.

Black was in hospital in Toronto for six months when the call came in that there was a donor and to this day, he still doesn't know who it was.

At the time of his transplant, doctors said he had a 50 per cent chance of living five years.

Already five years beyond the date doctors gave him, Black is in good health, with a wife and two young children.

"You really learn to focus one day at a time because everything is so unpredictable, but you try not to look too far ahead, but to look at something 10 years down the road was not even in our field of vision," he said.

Black says his way of giving back was becoming a life coach and working to get people talking about organ and tissue donation.

"I'm alive today because someone made an incredibly difficult decision at a difficult time in their family's life, my small way to give back for the incredible gift I've been given is to try and raise awareness for the 4,000 plus Canadians who are waiting just like I was 10 years ago."