Almost six months after the deadline for proposals to give new life to the Moncton High School building, it remains unclear what the future holds for it.

Moncton High citizens

Nicolas Lambert, left, Roy MacMullin, centre, and George Crossman, right, stand outside of Moncton High. They are members of a citizens coalition trying to save the building. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

The uncertainty around the historic building's future has some people in Moncton worried.

"It is unthinkable that a building like Moncton High, in downtown Moncton, to have the fate that it does in this day and age," said Nicholas Lambert, who is part of a citizens group opposed to moving student to another school that also wants to save the building.

Last September, the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure issued a second request for proposals to re-purpose the building, with a deadline of Nov. 7.

Almost six months later, the provincial government hasn't given any indication of whether any proposals were received or what's next for the school.


The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure has not stated what the future of the historic Moncton High building will be despite repeated requests. (CBC)

CBC News made numerous requests to the department for an update on the file, but those requests have been denied repeatedly.

George Crossman said if the provincial government doesn't have a plan for Moncton High, there is no reason it couldn't still be used as a school.

"We've got McNaughton, Harrison Trimble, Riverview High … All these high schools in town are all over-crowded right now. Where are you going to put these kids?" said Crossman.

A new school to replace Moncton High is currently under construction.

Roy MacMullin, another member of the citizens group, said he doesn't want to see the building demolished.

"I guess I'm very disappointed with this government that doesn't seem to have a plan, other than to tear this building down," said MacMullin.