Moncton Good Samaritan killed by vehicle in Bouctouche

RCMP are investigating after a Moncton Good Samaritan was struck and killed by a vehicle along Highway 11 in Bouctouche on Wednesday.

48-year-old man had pulled over to help another motorist with mechanical problems, RCMP say

A 48-year-old Moncton man was killed by a vehicle in Bouctouche on Wednesday while trying to assist another motorist.

The fatal collision occurred on Highway 11, say RCMP.

The man was struck by a moving vehicle after he had pulled over and stepped out of his vehicle to assist someone who was having mechanical problems, Cpl. Daniel Melanson stated in a release.

The victim died at the scene.

His name is not being released until his family has been notified, said Melanson.

The investigation continues, according to the RCMP.