Supt. Marlene Snowman

Supt. Marlene Snowman attended the golf tournament. She said the ceremony was an emotional experience. (CBC)

A Moncton golf tournament held Wednesday brought together RCMP officers and members of the community as part of a fundraiser that amassed $617,000 for the families of three fallen officers.

Const. Eric Dubois is now back to work after he was hospitalized when fragments from a car and bullets entered his body during the June 4 shooting.

He said the memorial tournament held special meaning for him.   

“My healing went so fast. Anyone around me says it's incredible how fast everything went back to normal. I'm not a superhuman, it's because people were praying and wishing me good stuff and it works.”

More than 200 people golfed in the tournament, including 36 RCMP officers.

Funds for the Moncton families were raised in part from the tournament as well as donated by former N.B. premier Bernard Lord's Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association and NB Liquor.
“I think that was really touching, I think that was a great twist on a golf tournament and it really helps us to resonate and connect with the RCMP and drives home why we’re here,” said Paulette Hicks.

Golf tournament

More than 200 people played golf in the tournament, including 36 RCMP officers. (CBC)

Before the tournament, there was a moment of silence and pipers played Amazing Grace to honour the fallen officers. 

“It’s also quite emotional and it shows the support of the community,” said Supt. Marlene Snowman.

Staff Sgt. Maurice Comeau said it’s important for officers to get together and get involved with people in the community.

“They really supported us since the incident happened and we lost our members,” he said. “We really appreciated it.”