Moncton’s West End Food Bank says it needs help urgently because the number of people it serves is about to double on July 1.

Moncton food bank

Moncton’s West End Food Bank expects the number of families it serves to jump to 270 from 120 on July 1. (West End Food Bank/Twitter)

The food bank serves about 120 families in Moncton but that will jump to 270 in two weeks because of the YMCA’s decision to close its food bank.

Ben MacMichael, the food bank’s manager, said volunteers are nervous about keeping up with the extra work, at a time of year when the need for food is even greater.

"In summer, and it's understandable, we're kind of more in ‘me mode’ and we need people to remember that hunger doesn't go on vacation and in a lot of our families they don't go anywhere,” MacMichael said.

“And if anything, they need more food in the summer because their kids are home.”

MacMichael said the West End Food Bank welcomes any donations or volunteers as it takes on the added challenge.

"We're going to need, you know, double the food. Our volunteers are mostly elderly, they're feeling nervous about it, but I've tried to encourage them that we can do it,” he said.

“So we'll stay open an extra hour, and if we have to even longer, then we will each day. So it's just going to be a little more work, a little more intense."

Dale Hicks, the president of the Food Depot, which distributes food to food banks in southeastern New Brunswick, said the closure of the Moncton YMCA food bank will be a challenge for the West End Food Bank.

"They're trying to deal with the situation and get the food to the people who need it but it certainly puts a big stress and strain on their operation,” Hicks said.

The Moncton YMCA decided to close its food bank and open a community food centre.