About 300 families at the Moncton Garrison will be moved over two years. (Jennifer Choi/CBC)

The head of Enterprise Greater Moncton says job losses at the Moncton Garrison base are a blow to the entire community.

Moncton Garrison will be reduced to one reservist unit and approximately 300 families will be relocated over the next two years as part of federal cuts across the country.

The Department of National Defence will also cut 23 civilian jobs at the base.

John Thompson, CEO of Enterprise Greater Moncton, called the cuts disappointing after the long history of the Garrison.

The loss will be felt beyond the borders of the base, he said.

"You also have those families that are here who have homes, you know, but cars, those kinds of things," he said.

"Most parts of the country are not as heavily reliant on government-type jobs as we are."

Thompson said statistics show for every one job created in the private sector there were three created in the public sector in the past 10 years.

Moncton isn't the only New Brunswick community impacted by the cuts. Canadian Forces Base Gagetown will see 98 civilian jobs cut, while Fredericton will lose one.

DND is cutting 1,200 jobs across the country as the result of last week’s federal budget cuts.