The city of Moncton has passed a climate-change adaptation plan and flood strategy, covering buildings, flood-plain standards and planning for emergency evacuation.

The adaptation plan is based on an environmental report prepared for Moncton, Dieppe and Riverview.

Eric Arsenault, the city's fire chief, said staff at emergency services are already working on a plan to implement the findings.  

"Areas of concern include traffic flow, evacuation, infrastructure damage, essential services such as water, power, telephone and gas and recovery efforts post storm," he said.

All Moncton city councillors at the meeting agreed the climate is changing and bringing more rain and intense storms. The city should think ahead to handle the changes, councillors agreed.

Brian Hicks is one of two councillors who voted against the plan.

Hicks said he did so because its numbers are based on linking Riverview and Moncton with a new bridge instead of the causeway.  

The plan passed with the recommendation that council be updated on it each year.