A Moncton councillor wants the city to draft a bylaw banning on parking boots within the next two weeks. (CBC)

A Moncton city councillor is calling for a bylaw to ban private companies from using a wheel-clamping device to trap people's vehicles in private parking lots.

Coun. Pierre Boudreau said he believes the city has the power to ban the so-called boots and he wants a new law in place before summer.

"It's causing people an awful lot of grief," Boudreau said on Monday.

On the weekend, he heard that a family from northern New Brunswick brought their four-year-old child to Moncton for cancer treatment. The family's car was clamped and they didn't have the money to pay the fine.

Boudreau said the child was traumatized by what happened.

"He says, 'Mom, I don't want to go to Moncton. There are bad people there,'" Boudreau said.

The yellow boots have been appearing on people's tires for the last few months. City officials are concerned the devices might tarnish Moncton's image. But they also say the practice is difficult to legislate or regulate.

Last month, the city said it wanted to work with private lot owners to design a uniform sign that would warn motorists where not to park.

Bylaw ready in 2 weeks

But the councillor said the city regulates parking for private condominiums, so he feels it can also deal with these boots.

Boudreau said the city also has the right to protect citizens from companies that prey on people's mistakes.

Boudreau has told the city manager to have a bylaw ready for the next council meeting in two weeks.

He said if the companies don't like the new law, they'll have to take the city to court.